I thought I’d better write something in case you all thought I’d forgot. No I havent forgot, it’s just there has been no qualifying selections on the laying side.

Ive had a few selections on the trading side but the profits are tiny. I like the concept of trading but to make any real money you need to be placing massive amounts of money on to make it worthwhile. There seems hardly any point sitting in front of a computer all day just to make a few pounds a month. The problem being to make good money placing large stakes is not always possible coz of the lack of liquidity in the market. Great concept, but little money to be made in my opinion plus you gotta not have a life. I’ll keep it up for a little longer to give the system a fair trial. 

The good thing about the laying side is that it doesnt take too long to do and you don’t have to do live betting. It’s just a bit disappointing to sort through the races that qualify, then go over to Betfair to see which horses potentially qualify, then back to Racing Post to see if there any selections out of these only to find there are no bets. So it’s quite a sorting process and being this selective I still only had 3 bets and one of them won it’s race. Lets hope it improves.