With regard to trading yesterday at around lunch time there was 9 potential bets, However, when coming to trade on this selections, which the opening trade is done 40 minutes before the off, none of these selections qualified. This has happened on most days since using the system, which I started on 23rd June.  I sorry everyone but I think this system is a waste of time. You have to keep stopping what you are doing to get to your computer 40 minutes before each race only to find there is no selection. It’s a real pain in the bum and it takes away the entire atmosphere in a movie if you gotta stop it few times to check the races, lol! I not gonna carry on with this part of the system. Sorry all.

With regard to place laying yesterday I had a similar result. No bets! I found a few potentials to begin with but it seems all the potential bets that are in the qualifying price range seem to be horses that are running for the first time or have only ran once or twice. One of the qualifications for this system is the horse must not have come 1st, 2nd or 3rd in it’s last 3 races. So if it hasnt run for 3 races I instantly dismiss it. In the system rules it doesnt say what you should do in these circumstances but it makes sense to dismiss it as we are looking for donkeys and if it hasnt run, or only run once or twice, we cannot tell what type of horse this is i.e. donkey or not. We do not want to take unnecessary risks. I will keep up this part of the system but there arent many selections. This month Ive had zero so far and only 3 since starting on 23rd June. And, as mentioned in a previous blog, one of them won it’s race. So don’t hold your breath for a recommended system on this one.