I going to be testing this system over the next month. It’s actually split into two parts; trading and place laying.
I still fascinated by the concept of trading on horses being a person who used to trade regularly on the stock market. There are people out there who make a fortune trading on horses and unlike the stock market this is tax-free. I was very disappointed by System X Trader so lets hope this system produces better results.
This system is also by Stephen Brookes, who has yet to show me a system that works long term (or even short term for that matter), but he reckons he has teamed up with a pro gambler called Andrew Johnston, who is apparently making fortunes using this system. This makes you ask yourself if he is making sooooo much money why bother selling a system to make a few quid. Oh well, perhaps it’s for his beer money at the weekend.
 Ive been using it for just over a week and both selections are very selective. There are many days where there is no trade or no lay. Ive been using it most days and for the test I will do as much as I can, other commitments permitting.
So far the lay side of the system has produced 3 bets and one of them won. Doh! The trading side has produced 5 trades, 4 of which were successful and one which I managed to lay at the same price as the back so only a tiny lose.