Matt Bisogno has launched his Betfolio service today. You should have heard about it, I’ve had about thirty million, billion, trillion… well about 6… e-mails about it already today.

What is it? Is it any good? Do I recommend it?

It’s basically a complete, year-round betting portfolio all wrapped up in a single subscription complete with daily tips from all the systems.

When you join you get five profitable betting systems, three separate Cheltenham Festival guides and a March-Apil Hunter Chase micro system.

You’ll then get a new system every month as well as complete betting guides for all the major UK racing festivals.

You’ll also get at least five more premium betting systems from his personal betting portfolio over the next 12 months.

And of course you get the daily notification of all the qualifiers for every single system in the portfolio so you don’t actually have to go through them individually working out the bets (unless you want to!).

Basically, as the name suggests, you get to build a portfolio of profitable betting systems over the next twelve months for a one time fee.

Is it any good?

In a word… dunno. I haven’t seen the systems. The one he gave away for free as a taster last week gave a very nice winner on the first day at 8/1, which is encouraging. What I do know is that unlike many of the betting system promoters online, Matt lives and breathes horse racing and knows more about it than anyone else I know. He’s also ruthlessly honest. He gives so much quality stuff away for free that if he’s charging for this it must be good.

Do I recommend it?

You might as well give it a bash, it comes with a 60 day money back guarantee. I like those. It means you don’t have take a risk. You can try it out for two months and if you don’t like what you get, get a refund… simples.

Apparently there are 500 memberships available and the site has had more than 26,000 visitors this week so it’ll probably be filled before the end of the week.

Have a look here: