I have been leaving the betting bot software to run and do its thing over the last few weeks and figure that it is now time to wrap up this review (for now at least…)

The overall results follow…

Statistics for each portfolio under review follow / level staking at £2 bets :

‘GJT#Custom2? portfolio ( Bali 16.1/ Paris 20 (Back WIN) / Paris 20 (Place WIN) / Venice 04.3 / Venice 04.6)
Review period : 3rd June 2013 -> 2nd September

Total Bets: 2,907
Winning Days: 49
Losing Days: 43
Drawdown: £-411.93
ROI: 1.67%

Current bank : £997.18 / Start bank : £900 (3x largest drawdown since Oct 2011)
P/L since review start : £97.18
(P/L since Oct 2011: £4,077)

Default #3 portfolio (Madrid 01 /Madrid 04.1 /Paris 20/  Tokyo 01.8 /Venice 11 )
Review period : 9th May 2013 -> 2nd September

Total Bets: 12,193
Winning Days: 50
Losing Days: 67
Drawdown: £-1241.65
ROI: -4.09%

Current bank : £201.91  / Start bank : £1200 (3x largest drawdown since Oct 2011)
P/L since review start : £-998.09
(P/L since Oct 2011: £6,151)


So all told after almost 4 months of testing – the races have not been good at all. But as with any other credible setup, the method is only as good as its selections.
If this review were specifically attempting to determine the quality of its selections then this service would have to be failed.

This review must consider the merits of the software itself and on this basis the product performs very admirably indeed. So, once you have decided upon the portfoilio of systems to run you leave the bot to do its thing and this it will do until you tell it to stop. The graphic display in the configuration module is very visual and easy to use (despite my initial impression that things may look a little too cluttered, perhaps?). But there is a wealth of information at your fingertips and dont forget the config module is essentially a means for you to check historical data for the selection of systems that are incorporated within the betting module part of the software.

As I have mentioned the config module is free to download and browse all of the system results’ at your leisure.

One thing you cannot do with Bethawk is configure a selection system of your own creation as you could do with a more ‘standard/mainstream betting bot. The selection methods are determined by the creators of the software which they will monitor and revise as time progresses to ensure optimum profitability of the catalogue as a whole.

A flat £39 fee per month applies for the basic setup. The basic setup comprises 5 credits. Each system that you use in your portfolio uses 1 of these credits. In addition, a maximum stake  has been configured such that 1 credit will permit a maximum stake of £2 per bet placed. Additional credits can be purchased for an additional £4 per credit/month.

However, you do not have to use 1 credit per system, you could for example use 3x credits on System A and say 2x credits on System B. That is your 5 credit quota used. For each of these credits you may use upto £2 per credit. So, System A in our example could have a ‘joint’ maximum stake of (3credits x £2)=£6 stake per bet placed &  System B could have a ‘joint’ maximum stake of 2credits x £2=£4 stake per bet placed.  Alternatively, you could use all 5 credits on System A alone with a unit stake of £1 set, a joint’ maximum stake of (5credits x £2)=£10 stake per bet placed

With the trend that has been witnessed recently, the system creators have been working hard to keep subscribers happy with a new offering , what they call Dynamic Portfolios.
The defaults are static portfolios, as in they stay the same regardless of poor results etc. The new dynamic portfolios will be analysed daily and changed when required in what could be classed as a managed service at no extra cost. The authors have advised me that since their inception, the default portfolios are currently show the following results :

Overall to date ( 01-08-13 to 03-09-13 )
5 system – +33.40 pts
6 system – +53.32 pts
7 system – +51.66 pts
8 system – +92.58 pts
9 system – +98.12 pts

Is the Bethawk package value for money? This is of course subjective and depends 100% on the selection of systems you chose for your portfolio. If you had used one of the default/supplied portfolios as I had above, then you would be seeing as significant loss as shown, and clearly the answer would no. However, had I started the trial in early January, assuming a similar 4 month trial period, I would instead be looking at a profit of £1,350 (excl. subs)!

I reiterate, the results are wholly dependant upon the portfolio of microsystems that you decide to use. So in conclusion, I rate Bethawk as NEUTRAL with a suggestion that the software be trialled again at a later date to see if we can see a more representative profitable run of results during the trial period.

You can download BetHawk for free trial here: