“All our results are reported using 1 point level stakes per bet / We don’t hide poor returns by showing results when placing £100 bets / We dont hide bad systems by using staking plans that will fail at some point!”

Today I begin a three month trial of a fairly ingenious addition to the horse racing betting scene. Bethawk is a little different to most other bots on the market in that it is a software product allowing the user to compile their own portfolio of systems or use one of the pre-configured portfolio entries.

If you are not familiar with the concept of  ‘micro-systems’  , essentially instead of depending upon one selection method, micro-systems are those selection systems that run on a bot concurrently (at the same time as any number of other betting systems). As I understand it, the logic behind this is that a ‘collective ‘of frequently profitable systems can be used to offset losing days and hopefully amplify the profitability of the system, as a whole.

Bethawk is unique in that it comprises two separate software programs (for want of a better term). A configuration module and a betting module. The configuration module is a means for the user to preview the results of a total of 24 systems (with more potentially being added as time goes on).  Here you can view the profitability of each system from with results going back to October 2011, when the selection methods results were first recorded. But, this module also serves as the tool for the user to make their own system selections for their betting portfolio. The user can choose which systems they wish to use, or they can simply select one of a number of pre-configured portfolios from a drop-down box to use instead.

The configuration module as a stand-alone product is free to download, the only requirement being that you sign up with your email address to their website whereupon you can install and browse the systems results at your leisure. The display initially looks a little daunting if I am honest but a quick run through of the video available on YouTube will provide a brief insight into the very basics of the interface and will have you scanning through the data in no time, the other features the display makes available are pretty much common sense, to most…. but if this is still a little puzzling, a fully qualified .PDF file covering the salient features is made available as part of the install package. In a nutshell, the display will show you graphically using coloured bars winning and losing days for one system in the top half of the window. In the lower half of the window is another graph, this is the important one as these are the combined  results for all of the systems selected in the currently selected portfolio.

The betting module is a separate software tool and this application is only made available when you have signed up for a monthly subscription. It is this program that is responsible for taking your portfolio of systems that you have selected  in the configuration module, and places bets on the Betfair exchange using each systems selection methodology. (The selection criteria for these systems, I might add is not made available to you, it needn’t be either – because you really dont need to worry yourself about it. The betting module deals with it seamlessly).

The betting module has a number of configurable options to suit your needs and also a handy ‘notifications’ feature where you can configure one of a number of communications via iPhone/Email/Twitter etc. to personally keep you abreast of the days results, once they have been determined.

The subscription takes a little getting your head around though. Although a flat £39 fee per month applies for the basic setup, the charges work on a unique credit system. The basic setup comprises 5 credits. Each system that you use in your portfolio uses 1 of these credits. In addition, a maximum stake  has been configured such that 1 credit will permit a maximum stake of £2 per bet placed. Additional credits can be purchased for an additional £4 per credit/month.

However, you do not have to use 1 credit per system, you could for example use 3x credits on System A and say 2x credits on System B. That is your 5 credit quota used. For each of these credits you may use upto £2 per credit. So, System A in our example could have a ‘joint’ maximum stake of (3credits x £2)=£6 stake per bet placed &  System B could have a ‘joint’ maximum stake of 2credits x £2=£4 stake per bet placed.  Alternatively, you could use all 5 credits on System A alone with a unit stake of £1 set, a joint’ maximum stake of (5credits x £1)=£5 stake per bet placed

So, in summary : it is the credits used and not the staking that determine the number of systems you can run for your subscription. Extra credits can of course be purchased on top of the basic subscription fee if you wish to run more than 5.

Each system in the configuration module is given a name of a capital city, for want of a better naming convention.

The results achieved during this trial maybe a little subjective of course, unless you are running exactly the selections in the portfolio as I am.
Furthermore, I am not going to detail the profitability of ALL the systems here as this is quite easy to find out for yourself if you install the configuration module, which if you are even partially interested in this product, I would encourage you to do.

I will be running a custom portfolio of systems of my own choosing -LIVE , and also blogging the results of one of the default portfolio entries for comparison purposes.

My ‘custom’ portfolio systems are : Madrid 01/ Madrid 04.1/ Paris 20 / Tokyo 01.8 / Venice 16.2

The ‘default’ No.3 portfolio systems are : Madrid 04.1 / Tokyo 01.8 /Tokyo 01.9 /Venice 11 / Venice 16.2

Bank size is suggested at 5x the worst drawdown for the system over a selected date range, although it has been suggested that this is a little over cautious and 3x should be quite sufficient.
I am using £2 staking per system and a bank of £1200.

So, without further ado …’let the games begin….’


NOTE : Being a software ‘bot’ application, although not imperative, this product is ideally suited to running on a VPS (virtual private server). These are available to sign up and use for a relatively  low fee of approx. £12 per month and are well worth it in my opinion. For this, you are given your own virtual operating system on a ‘remote’ server machine, where you log in, install the software, create your portfolio and simply leave the betting bot  to run ..24/7! So no need to have your desktop PC running all day / every day whilst you are at work.

You can download the free software here: