It is three weeks  since I first started using the Bethawk software which I am happy to say has run all by itself on my VPS, with no intervention from me.
I have little of positive interest to report at this stage though, as both systems that I am reporting on, show reasonable losses at this stage (based on a  £1000 start bank).

This is early days however and if historical results are worth reading into, I feel reasonably confident that a recovery from this situation will occur in the next few weeks.
(As you can see from only 21 days of betting – the software has been working hard with approx. 2,500 bets for either system!)

NOTE : I had believed the identifiers for each system to be unique, however for some reason Paris 20 exists as a micro-system on both the Win AND Place betting markets.
Paris 20 used in my Custom portfolio, is the WIN market variant . (Quite why each system doesn’t have a number suffix to uniquely identify a system from its ‘twin’, I don’t know…)

Statistics for each portfolio under review (from 9th May 2013), level staking at £2 bets,  follow:

Custom portfolio ( Madrid 01/ Madrid 04.1/ Paris 20 / Tokyo 01.8 / Venice 16.2)

Total Bets: 2,464
Winning Days: 10
Losing Days: 11
Drawdown:  £-382.15
ROI: -3.61%
Balance since review start:  £– 177.89
(Balance since Oct 2011: £6,769)

Default #3 portfolio (Madrid 04.1 / Tokyo 01.8 /Tokyo 01.9 /Venice 11 / Venice 16.2)

Total Bets: 2,590
Winning Days: 9
Losing Days: 12
Drawdown: £-424.60
ROI: -4.65%
Balance since review start : £-240.77
(Balance since Oct 2011: £7,262)

(interestingly, since the start of this review, Default #3  has seen its worst drawdown since records for this particular portfolio entry began, back in October 2011, seeing a loss of £-559.40 on the bank between 26th April to 23rd May. Despite this, the balance since Oct 2011  is still showing as a very healthy £7,262 profit)