I was advised a couple of weeks ago that the Tokyo 01.9 system is going to be removed from the default portfolio and will be updated to use Madrid01 in its place.

The reason for this is that both Tokyo 01.8 & Tokyo 01.9 are too similar, which is fine when both are in good profit but no so good when both are showing a loss. The knock-on effect of this change is this:

The cumulative results will exclude any Tokoyo01.9 results entirely and will be replaced with Madrid01 results for the date period considered. Clearly, this is not ideal as it is not a true reflection of the actual sequence of bets generated by the portfolio  for the time period in question. I did question this and the response I got follows :

“It’s not in my interests to try to pull the wool over people eyes by changing the portfolios whenever they have a poor run but it’s also not in either mine or the customers interests to leave
things that can be improved. I feel that checking on performance every few months is important and a reasonable time scale for doing it.”

I think this is perhaps fair enough comment but I leave you to draw your own conclusions whether as a paying subscriber you are happy to have items swapped out and replaced with others ‘en-route’. Ultimately using your separate betting bank, it should be quite clear to see whether you are returning a profit long term so perhaps the actual history is not so important, (but more so if you are seeing a loss perhaps….?)

I have also been advised that the actual charges for the system have been revised to incorporate savings for those wishing to increase their betting credits (over and above the default 5 credits offered with the basic set-up). I will summarise these charges on close of this review.

Allowing for the aforementioned system change, there is now only one system difference between the 2 portfolios that we have been reviewing,(one is a default/’as-supplied’ portfolio entry with the software). For this reason alone, I have decided to continue the default entry review and start afresh the review of the Custom portfolio. Using a completely new portfolio system configuration,  for the benefit of this review and to avoid confusion from earlier, I will name this Portfolio  as GJT#Custom2‘. This I began tracking on 3rd June so will blog results from this date forward….

Statistics for each portfolio under review follow / level staking at £2 bets :

‘GJT#Custom2’ portfolio ( Bali 16.1/ Paris 20 (Back WIN) / Paris 20 (Place WIN) / Venice 04.3 / Venice 04.6)
Review period : 3rd June 2013 -> 18th June

Total Bets: 576
Winning Days: 12
Losing Days: 4
Drawdown: £-58.16
ROI: 25.61%
P/L since review start : £295
(P/L since Oct 2011: £4,275)

Default #3 portfolio (Madrid 01 /Madrid 04.1 /Paris 20/  Tokyo 01.8 /Venice 11 )
Review period : 9th May 2013 -> 18th June

Total Bets: 4,701
Winning Days: 20
Losing Days: 21
Drawdown: £-360.31
ROI: -2.68%
P/L since review start : £-252
(P/L since Oct 2011: £6,896)