Prior to its launch I have been looking at BetMover.

BetMover is an online application developed by Nigel Dove who also is the creator of CloudBot. This app tracks the price movements of horses on Betfair, so to use the app you need a Betfair account. You could use this app to trade steamers and drifters pre-race but I found it most useful to trade in-play horse races.

The review is going to be via a few videos as this is the easiest way to show you the power of the app. I am by no means an expert in horse racing, the beauty of this app is that I don’t have to be! I do not need to spend hours researching form, assessing the horses as they are in the parade ring and as they canter down to the starting post; I simply need to identify the fastest horse! The app helps me identify just that.

Not every GB and Irish course is available as not all of them provide the required tracking data, you’ll see what I mean when you watch the videos. Please note that I set the Lay offset to -5 in the first video, this has been changed so that +5 is the required value to help make sure your bet gets matched.

Please be prepared to take some time to get a feel for the ebb and flow of the different types of races. You are going to be acquiring a skill for reading in-play horse racing and this will take a little time to acquire. However, as you develop these mental muscles you will be able to scalp a few pounds out of each race and when repeated over a few races could provide a reasonable monthly tax-free income.

This is Approved, when you watch the videos you’ll understand why!

UPDATE! We’ve secured a 10% discount on your first months subscription. Just make sure to input the discount code: CASHMAST at the Total Performance Data checkout:

You can get BetMover here