This is a horse racing service run by the chaps over at JollyLock whose bookie beating VPN service got an approval last year.

This is a one off review rather than a three month test because anyone and everyone using this service will get completely different results, as I shall explain, and therefore me posting my own results would be irrelevant as yours will almost certainly be different.

So why will everyone get different results?

Because, in a nutshell, this is a service that identifies value bets and posts them up in the members area each and every hour at 45 minutes past the hour.

You are no doubt already aware that if you bet consistently on horses (or any bet for that matter) where the odds offered are higher than that selections true chance of winning, then you are mathematically guaranteed to profit over the long term.

Now, value betting certainly isn’t for everyone. It invariably entails longish losing runs with big wins, but for those with the discipline for money management, able to work through tens of bets losing, possibly losing runs of 30+ before hitting winners, then value betting is almost certainly the most profitable way to gamble. In fact the most profitable horse racing system we ever reviewed here was entirely based on value betting, and still sells to this day, teaching you how to identify such bets.

So what does BetScape offer?

Betscape constantly monitors the markets to generate valued bets. Once a bet has been identified it is automatically posted to the Online Results Tracker.

Tips are automatically posted every hour, 7 days a week.

The subscriber then bets on these tips as soon as possible to secure the best price and profits roll in accordingly.

As a guide, the software automatically generates results based on betting on all of the selections at the prices available when the selections are posted to the members area. The results are great, with the caveat of course that not everyone will be able to bet on all the selections, every hour, and they most certainly won’t all get the same odds.

However, value betting always produces a profit over the long term, so no matter how often you bet, once you’ve bet on enough races you are mathematically guaranteed to profit.

The official profit figures from the launch of the service are:

March 2018:
Advised Odds: 25
Betfair SP: 28
BOG: 34

April 2018:
Advised Odds: 13.65
Betfair SP: +0.35
BOG: 17.49

May 2018:
Advised Odds: 3.52
Betfair SP: -6.57
BOG: 17

Running Totals
Advised Odds: 42.17
Betfair SP: 21.78
BOG: 68.49

As you can see, so far it’s even been profitable to Betfair SP, which is encouraging for those of us with gubbed bookie accounts but, as expected, BOG results are far more enticing if you have bookies willing to take your bets. It’s also worth considering trading the selections on Betfair as value selections are overpriced and therefore tend to reduce as the market catches up, providing plenty of trading opportunities.

If you’ve not tried value betting before then you’re in luck. Betscape are so confident in their service that they are offering a totally free three week trial.

Three weeks is most certainly enough time to be able to judge whether this service is for you or not so I would encourage you to give it a go and if you’re not happy, just cancel your subscription at the end of the three weeks. You may well find you have what it takes for this style of betting and, if so, you can expect to make some great profits going forwards.

The recommended starting bank is £500 for £10 flat stakes but, if you use their custom staking plan, profits are increased dramatically with over five times the returns.

They are capping membership to just 300 subscribers so as to protect the prices available at the bookies.

You can try Betscape for three weeks for free here: