I’ve  had the pleasing task of trying & reporting on The Betsender. This is not a tipping service or a betting system, it is one of the several betting bots available. It is not one of the simple, manual bots which make the betfair interface more user-friendly, it is one which can place your bets for you automatically. I have tried a number of these in the past and am always interested in any means of making betting simpler or easier to do. Such bots are of particular interest to those who find it difficult to operate a system or service during working hours, so this test should be especially interesting to them.

First impressions are good: simple, uncluttered working space and once you’ve had a quick run through the manual provided, simple to operate. It can place both back & lay bets on any Betfair market and they can be quickly selected. Once you have your list of selections for the day, a click on the Start Betting button will see them all placed in due order, according to the various limits you set.

Betsender is unusual in having 17 staking plans for backing and 18 for laying and you can modify any of them to suit. There is also, most usefully for me in testing for the blog, a simulation mode. It is possible to run more than one instance of the bot in case you have some system you want to keep separate, or perhaps try in Sim mode and uniquely, I think, you receive two licences for the software so that you can run it on another computer, perhaps at your office or laptop.

Weather restrictions have given us very few betting opportunities and those often NR or meeting abandoned. So, in order to do something with Betsender, I started taking random horses and playing with various settings of the staking plans. Naturally, I ran these experiments in the simulation mode, which is so useful for testing new ideas without losing anything. I found a certain fascination in setting up a plan (I tried Maria staking, modified in various settings) then watching as the bets were automatically calculated and entered.

Since I haven’t had a single hiccup in using this program, no bets have either been incorrect of missed, I have no hesitation in recommending it, especially for those who are in a 9-5 job. This makes it possible safely to run a system in your absence, under complete control. I am bursting to get back to full race cards so I can run some of the automatic all-day systems I have devised.

You can get the Betsender Bot here: