This week Graham was contacted by the system author to ask if results could be based on advised prices rather than the Betfair Starting Price (BSP) as it was felt that the selections represent value which is not reflected in the BSP.

So, after some thought I’ve decided to restart the review using advised prices from this week. Going forward I will check that the advised prices were available when I received the selections so that the results reflect better the aim of the service.

This does mean of course that you would not be able to use a betting bot on the selections as you need to place bets at advised bookmakers. It also means more time in managing your money if it has to be moved between accounts.

This week there were only two selections and one performance was so disappointing that the system author commented specifically on the result.

Monday 24 February No selections
Tuesday 25 February No selections
Tuesday 18 February No selections
Wednesday 19 February No selections
Thursday 20 February No selections
Friday 28 February 15:10 Doncaster: Chebsey Beau: 1pt EW, 2nd at 5/1 = +£2.50
Saturday 01 March 16:40 Doncaster: Minelle Friend: 1.5pt EW, 5th at 7/2 = -£30.00
Sunday 02 March No selections

Weekly P/L: -£27.50

Running Total: -£27.50