As you know I’m a big fan of crypto but I do understand it’s not for everyone and so I have something for you today that has nothing to do with crypto BUT can produce the stunning returns we’re used to hearing from cryptos.

Why “Better Than Bitcoin”?

Well, just to qualify this statement, Bitcoin is at all time highs being currently around $62,000 a coin so the sort of multipliers we’ve seen over the years are now highly unlikely in the medium term. I mean to get another 10x on it, it will need to be $620,000 a coin which I personally believe we won’t see for a good few years yet, if it does get to those lofty heights.

So what’s the alternative that’s not crypto related?

Well my friend, Guy Cohen, is hosting a live webinar next Wednesday 10th November at 7pm GMT.

It’s free.

On it he’ll be showing his “Better Then Bitcoin” strategy for making Bitcoin-sized profits like $37,000 in 30 days, but WITHOUT having to stomach the ups and downs of the volatile crypto markets.

Sure, you can definitely make big profits in crypto… but what if you’re someone who just can’t stomach all the up and down market action?

Guy will show you a safer, more predictable way to make Bitcoin-sized profits WITHOUT all the volatility. He’s putting on this workshop because he doesn’t want people who can’t stomach the volatility of the crypto markets to fall into the trap of thinking it’s the only way to make big profits and grow your savings and retirement fund.

A word of warning …

Guy’s webinar software has a limited capacity and, with Bitcoin and crypto being such a popular topic, I expect those spaces to fill up very quickly.

So, if you’re interested in learning his “Better Than Bitcoin” strategy, do reserve your space sooner rather than later.

Reserve your free space now here