As you will know if you attended the webinar or watched the replay, I attended the Better Than Bitcoin webinar last week (10th November 2021).

I reviewed and approved Guy Cohen’s Flag Trader back in 2011, I and can see that the current offering has some of the same DNA but has evolved into a service that is easier, quicker and, I hope, more consistent. The only reason that I didn’t continue with Flag Trader is because I had no money to invest back then!

I have had a peek behind the curtain at the (major) improvements being made to the service this year and I intended to attend the 2021 summit of 4th December. However, the process remains much as I remember it: use the scanner to find stocks of interest and if certain rules are satisfied, trade those stocks. Where there has been a big improvement is that these stocks can be saved to a watchlist. Not only that I can see what stocks are on Guy’s watchlist and also the watchlists of gurus like Chloe. The improvements coming along pull together more data alongside the chart so analysis of the stock is a lot quicker, you don’t have to flip to other webpages to get the detail.

Other changes are the patented OVI indicator. 2011 is too far back for me to remember whether this was available back then, but even if it was it was embryonic. The OVI available now certainly looks as though it improves the probability of getting a winning trade or at the very least help to keep you out of some losing trades!

Likewise, the recently introduced Big Money Footprints strategy also improves the probability of a winning trade.

With all the improvements an excellent success rate of between 70% and 80% was mentioned on the webinar.

When you subscribe there is a lot of training material to view and absorb. I strongly recommend that you take your time over this; I know it is tempting to dive straight in but learning the system will reap the rewards. Training not only covers the system but also bank management, risk control, trade control and much, much more.

It is too early to approve this product, although I am already tempted to do so, but I will want to use it for a few weeks first and that will be after the 2021 Summit; but as you can tell I am very enthusiastic about this opportunity. I hope to meet some of you the at the summit venue in a few weeks time.

Watch the Better Than Bitcoin workshop replay now