Sunday was a setback this week, showing a loss of 8.77 pts on the day: 10 selections, 7 losses. Monday didnt offer any selections. Tuesday, I found four matches and they resulted in two wins, two losses, with the points tally of 5.2. Wednesday 5.14 pts from 4 matches, Thursday a small loss from three matches, Friday a small gain from 5. Saturday yielded 16 selections of which 8 won, overall gain 4.75 giving a total for the week of just 5.35 points overall.

So, not such a good week – but still a small profit, depending on the value of your points. The selections were a little unbalanced due to a number of international friendlies and the Kings Cup series in Spain, so a shortage of decent form to go on.

A matter of more concern is that several emails from both Graham and myself about the selection process and also the email tips service which is advertised in the Ebook have gone unanswered over the last fortnight. This is just the opposite of the promise made on the sales page:

Quote: “With me it’s completely different, I have emails from happy customers everyday and if anybody has a problem I have a dedicated support team onboard working 24/7. Contact us anytime and I promise youll get a full prompt reply”.

END Quote.

Rather makes you glad that the sale is through Clickbank doesnt it, just in case you want a refund?