I wasn’t able to check for selections on Sunday due to family visiting and there were no matches offered on Monday or Tuesday. However, we did have some action on Wednesday, finding seven matches which yielded just 1.14 pts. These were mostly international friendlies so presumably there wouldn’t be much form available, though this system really seems to depend on numbers more than the usual form. We had a further 4 selections on Friday – and I have come to regard this number as the minimum worth taking on because of the way the stakes are placed and the possible returns. The results from these illustrate the point, just 0.8 pts gained from them – and it could easily have been the other way.

Saturday, however, was better: 10 matches, 7 wins, 5 pts, bringing the week’s total to just 6.94pts. This day showed me that you should take all selections found by the system, because there were actually 5 more matches found which I rejected because I felt, from previous observation, that they were kicking off too soon after the time I selected them. I was wrong about these of course, they all won with a possible haul of a further 7.2 pts which would have made a very good day indeed. Still, I am just exploring possibilities at this early stage.

Although this system, as usual, lays down it’s own hard & fast rules for staking etc., this doesn’t preclude one from trying one’s own ideas and such a suggestion came from Liam, one of the bloggers here: he has a friend who has been using this system for some time and has found that he has had very good results by just taking on one of the betting options on each match instead of both, as recommended. I don’t think I’m revealing too much when I say that normally one is required to bet on two of the possible three outcomes whereas he has only been betting on the draw. Together with a 5% compounding plan, he has made good money. However, my trial has to be of the system as sold, warts & all, clients can make changes as they wish.