So the trial ends. This week has been a mixed bag, with a loss of 7.2 points from five matches on Tuesday and after the poor Saturday, when we lost 1.14, the week was looking sad. I was unable to check these on Wednesday and Thursday because I was away and there were no selections on Friday. However, Saturday made up for these by finding 16 matches to follow and they duly obliged by presenting us with 9.07 pts, so a very small profit on the week to level stakes. I noted that todays results included a large number of draws, so the suggestion I mentioned last week from Liam would definitely have profited from these.

Overall, though we have had some downs during the trial, I would suggest that this system deserves a positive rating. It’s cheap to buy and I would expect to make money from it. It offers so many selections, especially at weekends, that there are many ways one could use them, the one from Liam is just one example. Also, there is the question of what time is best to check for matches? The author suggests checking the lists every 30 minutes and I can imagine that this would throw up many more opportunities to bet. It’s very hard to see the logic for the selections but they do seem to work pretty well. I shall certainly be keeping it in my own portfolio.

However, there is one worry on the horizon: I have mentioned that it’s necessary to access a particular website for the selections and this has hitherto been free. However, the site is soon to go subscription based, no specific time-scale stated yet and there will several levels of access. The cheapest level will be €10 p.m. and I don’t know if this level will allow access to the pages we need. This is obviously a worry because the whole system is based on the information contained on these pages and although €10 p.m. may not be much, the costs escalate fairly rapidly if you need access to higher levels. I will ask the site for clarification of this issue. There is a trial for €2.50.

Still, on the basis of the months trial I have done, I would recommend it, provided this issue can be resolved satisfactorily.

Since I wrote the above, I have had a reply from the site. This is a typically useless answer, the sort one gets frequently from support systems, why don’t they read the question? I mentioned the access I required and asked them to advise whether this was available at the first level, a pretty simple question I would have thought. This is their reply: “This site is a service for subscribers only. To have access to most of the pages you will need to buy a subscription. There is no established level for subscription, we have the same subscription as on the old site”

Helpful, eh? Not to say, untrue, there are three levels of sub at the new beta site and they forget to mention that there is free access to the original one. So, there’s nothing else to do but try it when it replaces the present site.

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