Betting Bounty is a service ‘similar’ to the likes of Bonus Bagging, but with a new and, I believe, very useful feature… it enables you to make £200+ every single month, risk free, can be worked in just 30 minutes a week and with a bank of only £300!

They use matched betting but they’ve taken the concept and put it on steroids!

Every week bookmakers offer special deals on certain bet types.

The most well known is the Bet365 Channel 4 offer that I have been giving away for free for a few years now.

With Betting Bounty you can do this kind of thing every single week from every single bookmaker.

But it gets tricky as bookmakers are clever. Every single special offer has a different set of terms and conditions and, if you don’t know EXACTLY how they work, then you don’t get your free cash.

The only reason they provide these special offers is to keep you betting with them.

They don’t want you exploiting them, and their terms and conditions prevent them from having to pay you out if you don’t know them inside out.

But with Betting Bounty every single offer that’s provided from any of the top twenty bookmakers, they look into all the terms and conditions and then work out exactly what needs to be done to make the most risk-free profits from it.

With twenty bookmakers there are a lot of special offers and a lot of terms and conditions so doing this on your own will take forever just to figure out all these bets and even longer to place them.

But Betting Bounty have developed a way that will allow you to exploit the top twenty bookmakers special offers in just thirty minutes a week.

It doesn’t matter if you already have accounts with the bookmakers, you can still use this technique week-in-week-out.

They have a team of people who are monitoring all the top twenty bookmaker sites for their special offers every day.

As soon as a special offer appears, they start looking for the terms and conditions and go through them to see if it’s possible to take advantage and make a risk free profit.

If there’s profit to be made, they make a note of the dates that the free bet can be used.

When the betting markets for those dates are available, they search for the way to bet that’s going to make the most possible risk free money.

Then, in the member’s area, they outline exactly what bookies to use, where to find the bets in your online account and how to place the bets.

Finally, they send you an email to let you know it’s all ready to go and all you need to do is login and follow the steps to placing the bets!

They also show how to get £600+ in risk free profits from the Welcome Bonuses for people without bookie accounts but the focus is on bookmaker’s special offers that can be used on existing accounts.

Usually bets work in two cycles:

Cycle 1

Place bet with bookie and lay off on Betfair to qualify for special offer (e.g. free £25 bet if horse comes second).

This normally results in a small loss of between £0.50 and £1.50

Cycle 2

Take the free £25 bet and trade it to make a risk-free profit of between £17 and £22.

That’s just one example. But the focus is on the offers available to existing bookmaker customers.

It’s also designed for a bankroll of just £300, although this will require moving it in and out of accounts but usually there is time to do this.

This represents a growth of around 67% every month without ever losing or risking your bank.

The subscription price is really, really low too. You pay £1 to get started, and then in 10 days you pay £17 AFTER you’ve made enough profit to cover this.

It’s then £17 a month after that but you will be making at least £200+ a month in risk free profits for 30 minutes ‘work’ a week. That works out at £50 per hour! Tax free.

When you sign up, you get sent your login details for the member’s area in which you tick which bookie accounts you already have. They then send you through the welcome bonus bets for the bookie accounts you don’t have, as well as the bonus offers for the bookies you do have.

It’s all clearly laid out and very well organised. The advised bets are a doddle to find and place and it really is child’s play to do. They tell you exactly what to bet on and where, they tell you exactly how much to bet and what profit you will make, it really couldn’t be simpler.

Once you’ve completed the trade, you click on the ‘Completed’ button and your member’s area resets ready for the next bets.

This really is a remarkable service considering it delivers £200+ a month from just a £300 betting bank in just 30 minutes a week, and all risk free too.

And the ‘earn before you pay’ subscription method really is the icing on the cake. This service is approved with bells on.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned bettor, or a complete novice, everyone should be using this service. You’d be daft not to.Approved2

You can try Betting Bounty for just £1 here: