How to make an average monthly profit of £2084… for just £9.

Over the years we’ve found that most tipping services don’t live up to the hype and they soon crash and burn. But our search over the last decade or so has also unearthed some real gems… services that not only produced a very healthy profit when we tested them, but that have continued to do so month in, month out.

Of course all services have up and down periods but by subscribing to a broad portfolio we can ensure that we always make a decent overall monthly profit regardless of individual service performances.

Below is a list of nine such services that combined produce an average monthly profit of £2,084 to £10 bets.

All have been thoroughly tested and approved by our independent reviewers and all of them have continued to deliver outstanding profits since our reviews.

Golf Betting Expert – £486 amp (average monthly profit)
Flat Racing Master – £350 amp
Quentin Franks Racing – £286 amp
The Sports Guru – £245 amp
Big Race Bookie Busters – £176 amp
Master Racing Tipster – £155 amp
Pro Footy Tips – £141 amp
The Each Way King – £126 amp
Value Racing Tips – £119 amp

Combined total £2084 average monthly profit to £10 stakes.

Now, here’s the thing. You can subscribe to each of these services for just £1.


So if you wanted to immediately create a portfolio of services averaging £25,000 profit a year, tax free, you can do it right now for just £9.

I’d highly recommend taking out the trial month for these services even if you are just looking for something to supplement your current income.

We’ve spent over ten years sifting through dirt to find gold and now that we’ve found it, it’s time for you to fill your boots.

And remember, by subscribing to a range of services you ensure you’re making a regular, steady income regardless of the performance of individual services.

If you want to make a very healthy tax free income from betting, click on the services listed above and subscribe to each for just £1.

Enjoy your winnings!