It’s always advisable to have a portfolio of betting systems and services rather than putting all your eggs in one basket because then, if any one system or service is having a downturn, the chances are another will be having a good run and overall your betting bank should show a steady increase over time rather than having big upswings and draw downs.

Betting Gods have some great tipsters that are well worth a look and I’ve listed a handful below that have all produced a profit of over £100 a month betting to £10 stakes, and you can try any of them for just £1 each.

Now I’m not suggesting that you subscribe to all these services. It’s true that if you did then betting at £10 stakes you would be currently bringing in an average of over £3000 a month… but you’d need a huge betting bank to be able to fund that many bets at £10 stakes. However, it only costs £1 to try any of these so there’s nothing stopping you from trying one or two, and then adding to your portfolio as your betting bank grows.

Here’s the list with their current average monthly profits, click on any of them to be taken to the relevant webpage:

Chloe’s Football Focus – £1,249 amp (average monthly profit)
Golf Betting Expert – £377 amp
Flat Racing Master – £306 amp
Quentin Franks Racing – £254 amp
The Sports Guru – £176 amp
Big Race Bookie Busters – £165 amp
Master Racing Tipster – £148 amp
Pro Footy Tips – £134 amp
The Each Way King – £165 amp
Value Racing Tips – £113 amp

Total: £3,087/month