This is an interim review due to the fact that for most of the time of the trial, the weather has been very bad.

I get racing information from dozens of sources every day, and recently I have noticed many systems and tipsters showing poor results. In fact some tipsters have shut up shop until after Christmas.

Anyway, to the Betting Grenade. First of all, for those that are interested, Betting Grenade is identical in some respects to the Smoke and Mirrors system, but simpler. Smoke and Mirrors uses many betting patterns, and Betting Grenade use two of those patterns.

I have found the author of the system to be quick to respond to my questions and also in a polite manner.

Normally a system that finishes with only 50% of the bank being left intact would get very short change from me, BUT I have seen the results, and the proof of those results for months previous to the trial period.

You will, though be very busy as I would have placed near on 550 bets during this week. The system can be run either with races with a certain number of runners, with any number of runners or, for the people who go out to work, evening racing.

I have no doubt that when racing conditions are back to normal, the system will move back into profit.

Therefore I have decided to give the Betting Grenade a Neutral classification with a further trial when conditions are more normal.

You can get Betting Grenade here: