Back in the black with a profit of £120.31 at £10 stakes across all five strategies after just over three months:

It’s worth noting that Stuart has decided to discontinue the Lay the Draw strategy following a prolonged period of poor performance. In his words:

“I have removed the Lay The Draw strategy until at least the start of the new European season as this strategy has been performing poorly since last year, without it the service would be massively in profit to the tune of 102.55 points since September 2022 and this year to the tune of 64.25 points.

After a ridiculously poor month in February the service has recovered well and the exclusion of the lays (my least favourite method anyway) should mean the big swings we see when these were losing are further avoided.

Two big months left of the European seasons where I see the service getting back to previous years successes, however, I do still have selections on the summer leagues so the service is year round.

I am also now looking at an under 2.5 goal strategy and running this in the background, again automated via BF Bot Manager, I am monitoring this for the next couple of months to make sure the live results mirror what I expect and this, pending positive results will be added to the portfolio.”

More details here