Try this low-risk service for regular profits and the occasional windfall

This horse racing backing service is another from the Betfan stable. It is run by Howard Davis-Shaw and his brother who “have been making betting profits for decades”.

After many years of successfully backing winning horses using our top secret “Betting Opportunity” system, a system that when followed effectively means it’s hard to lose, we have decided to show a small audience how to really make a profit.

We specialise in Win, Each Way and Double Bet selections.

The service claims In under 18 months, between June 2013 and mid November 2014 our system and low risk staking plan has allowed us to rack up +740 points profit.

That is over 40 points average profit a month, more than double my usual 20 points target for a system worth a second look. In the three months of our testing period, the system fell well short of that average but right up to two and a half months they were on course for the 40 point average, and it was only in the last two weeks of the trial that the system hit a losing streak. These are inevitable and even on a 60 point drawdown the bank hasn’t really felt under pressure.

The cost of the service is currently £118.80 inc VAT for 90 days or £178.80 inc VAT for six months.

So what are the headline figures?

ROI = 10.45%   STRIKE RATE = 24.61% (WIN AND PLACE)  19% (WIN)  PROFIT +42.76 POINTS

Betting Opportunity

On a typical day you receive an email with the day’s selections plus staking and advised odds. The email arrives at varying times before the start of racing. The selections are also available to members from the website. It is most common to receive two selections in a day and a further punt on the win or each way double of the two. The doubles on their own just about broke even, so I think it’s well worth sticking to those, because over time I think you’ll probably come out ahead, and this break-even was achieved with only one instance where both selections won – all other double wins were place doubles.

Apart from the doubles, the staking starts at 1 point each way – my bugbear, and I always mention this with Betfan services, I would like a basic staking of one point (so half point each way) and stronger bets go from there – otherwise it’s looking like a service which is artificially boosting profit reports. Having said that, this is not one of those which sees silly staking, with 5 points being the max bet and it’s rare to see more than 3 points staked on a selection, so I’m happy to let it pass! The recommended bank is for 250 points which looks more than adequate.

Usually advised odds are reasonably attainable – at advised odds the profit for the period was +52 points. My results are given to odds I was able to get with at least two BOG bookies, although sometimes odds advised were not always with BOG bookies.

As usual with a worthy tipping service, it is essential to back the selections as soon as possible after receiving them and taking the best odds you can find. At SP the service actually lost 25 points in the trial period.

The worst position of the bank in the trial period was around minus 35 points, the biggest drawdown around 60 points and the best position was plus 108 points.

This is a low-risk service which, although it encounters the inevitable losing runs,  does provide a confidence in the bank, and in spite of not quite achieving my own preferred average target of 20 points a month, I am happy to recommend it.Approved2

You can try Betting Opportunity here: