Well this service is doing very well so far. You get an e-mail once a day, very early on (06.51 this morning), with a few lay bets for that day, usually one or two but occasionally I’ve had up to four bets. The prices are always below 5.0 (4/1) in the morning and you are advised to trade out your bet if the price goes above that at the off although that’s entirely up to you.

I’ve been using Bet Engine to place my bets at the off and the results are as follows since 29th January:

23 Bets

20 Successful

3 Unsuccessful

Strike Rate 87%

Average Odds 4.02

Profit at £25 level stakes £335.95

So I’ve made £335 in two weeks so far with this service but it could have been more because I missed a day that was also a winning day!

The cost of this service is an amazing £6.99 a week with a refund on any week that a profit isn’t made.

It’s going well so far, I’ll update this at the end of the month.