Well this service is going remarkably well.

Since I started using it on 29th January I’ve had the following results:

Bets: 87
Successful: 69
Unsuccessful: 18
Strike Rate: 79.3
Average Odds: 3.95

Total Profit: £548.96

I’ve been doing flat £25 stakes and using the Bet Engine to place my bets for me (plus it records all the above stats for me too, which is handy).

So in seven weeks it’s made £548 profit and it only takes about a minute to set up each morning.

And the ridiculous thing is that this costs only £6.99 a week and you get a full refund if you don’t make a profit in that week.

I’ll run this for another month before giving a final verdict but at the moment it looks like one I’ll be adding to my portfolio.

You can try Betting Pro Lays here: