This service continues to impress me.

Since I started using it on 29th January I’ve had the following results:

Bets: 106
Successful: 86
Unsuccessful: 20
Strike Rate: 81.1
Average Odds: 3.96

Total Profit: £814.47

I’ve been betting flat £25 stakes and using the Bet Engine to place my bets for me (plus it records all the above stats for me too, which is handy).

So in a little over two months it’s made £814 profit and it only takes about a minute to set up each morning.

This costs only £6.99 a week and you get a full refund if you don’t make a profit in that week.

I’ll run this until the end of the month before giving a final verdict but at the moment it looks like one I’ll definitely be adding to my portfolio.

You can try Betting Pro Lays here: