I really like this service. It’s just £6.99 a week, with money back for any week you don’t make a profit. I’ve been betting £25 level stakes and made £1,016.16 profit after Betfair commission since February. Piece of cake.

Bets: 197
Successful: 154
Unsuccessful: 43
Strike Rate: 78.2
Average Odds: 3.91

Total Profit: £1,016.16

I had an e-mail from Stuart last week informing me that he’s locking the membership down to 100 members to protect the prices and to ensure he can give support to anyone that needs it.

There are currently 14 places left.

If you don’t already subscribe to this then I recommend you get in now before he shuts the doors. It take a couple of minutes a day to use… get the e-mail, lay the selections, done. £1000 profit in four months is not to be sniffed at.

You can subscribe to Betting Pro Lays here: