Important Update

I’m a big fan of this service and it’s been closed to new members for a while now, but they have just opened up today to take 30 more members so if you don’t already subscribe then I really recommend you get in while you can.

It’s extremely good value for money and the results are excellent.

You can download my full results here: BettingProLays.

Bets: 223
Successful: 177
Unsuccessful: 46
Strike Rate: 79.4
Average Odds: 3.93

Total Profit: £1,349.47

I am using the Bet Engine to place bets 5 seconds before the off, betting £25 level lay stakes. A 60 point bank is recommended. You don’t bet over 5.0 either so losing bets don’t set you back too much.

You do not need to use a bot, I just prefer to as it keeps a perfect record of all my bets.

You can subscribe to Betting Pro Lays here: