This is one of my favourite laying services and one I personally use in my own betting portfolio.

I’ve been subscribing since February and in that time have logged the following results betting to £25 level stakes:

Bets: 256
Successful: 204
Unsuccessful: 52
Strike Rate: 79.7
Avg Odds: 3.94

Profit: £1,614.75

Membership is restricted to preserve the prices but Stuart has just informed me that he’s opening up another 30 places for replace members that have dropped out. I have no idea why anyone would drop out of this service considering every month has been profitable, but their loss can be your gain so if you wish to take advantage then get in quick before it fills up again.

This costs only £6.99 a week and you get a full refund if you don’t make a profit in that week.

You can try Betting Pro Lays here: