Betting Pro Lays is a simple laying service based on UK racing.

They provide the selected lay bets each morning and the only rule to selections is that you do not lay the selection if, at the time of the off, the odds are above 5.0.

They use BSP for results and also to confirm qualifiers.

All lays given are under 5.0 at the time of sending the email so a slight alteration to the above is to lay at the time of the email and then, if the selection drifts, place a back bet at the off to give a ‘free’ lay bet. However this is only advice for people who wish to do so to possibly scalp extra profit.

No other rules apply for selection criteria.

Subscription is a rolling weekly fee of £6.99 with a refund if profit is not made to level stakes as reported to BSP.

I am using the Bet Engine to place bets 5 seconds before the off, betting £25 level lay stakes. A 60 point bank is recommended.

I will run this trial for three months.

Full terms and results can be found here: