Right, Ive been testing the betting pros service for a while now and I going to review the service so far. As there have only been 26 bets since I started, I going to continue to trial the system, post the results and review the service again to make sure that the profits continue long-term and I will review my thoughts on the service.

Firstly, from 26 bets there have only been 3 losers, an 88% strike rate and the profit currently stands at 470 pts, from a starting bank of 1000 pts. , so 47% profit of your starting bank, a 14.5% profit from the total money staked and an average profit per bet of 18pts. These figures are very good and when you consider that it only costs £40, this will hardly be a dent in your profits if you are staking decent amounts.

This system always picks the favourite at short odds so you arent going to get rich quick following this service unless you are staking large amounts but still, you are never going to win more than what you had in a few bets and if you lose 1, it takes a few winning bets to get back to where you were. However, when you consider that the strike rate is 88%, it doesnt take long for those small wins to start adding up. The staking plan also seems to work well as the 3 losers have all had stakes of 100 or less, which is lower than most of the bets placed.

There arent that many selections from this service, usually a couple a week, which may not suit everyone but when you consider the cost, I don’t see why it should be a problem, except that youre not going to make lots of money fast and it takes longer to recover any losses.

The only slight issue I have with the service is that sometimes the e-mails with the selections on are sent quite late at night for the next day. I managed to get most of them but some people just wont be checking their inbox at 11pm and may miss the bet or have to settle for a lower price in the morning. I told them about this issue and they have said that sometimes they are waiting for team news but they will try and send the e-mails earlier so I’ll see how it goes.

So, in terms of profit and value for money, I don’t see how you can go wrong with this service. They have also been very helpful and answered any queries within 24 hours. The only issue for people might be the timing of the e-mails but I would highly recommend this service.

You can get Betting Pros here:


UPDATE 15th April

I have an update on the Betting Pros service today.

Since John Pauls review on 13th January the results have been as follows:

Number of bets = 60
Number of losses = 10
Number of winners = 50
Strike Rate = 80%
Total Points Profit = 584 points which equals £584 with a £1000 starting bank.

UPDATE 21st February 2011

Despite suffering three losing months in 2010, the service still managed an impressive 1092 points profit on the year, which is pretty good considering the cost of subscription. It’s still profitable after subscriptions even betting just £1 a point.

They are currently doing a deal of a subscription from now until the end of August for just £23.99. This is outstanding value for money.

You can try the service here:



Update 21st July 2011

Time for an update on the Betting Pro’s service.

This has always been a very profitable service, however, the last three months have seen some heavy losses, totalling -1826 points which brings the years total down to -290 points.

This could very well be just a bad period for Betting Pros and the Premiership was a tad strange this year but a large amount of selections have been in other leagues so don’t think that would be a completely valid reason.

Had we been testing Betting Pro’s over the last three months it would have definitely ended up getting Failed, however, in light of the fact it’s always made a good profit in the past I’m going to re-categorise this with a Neutral rating and reassess it in a couple of months to see if they turn it back around.



Update 6th October

Starting from August 1st this year they changed the subscription so that users only pay £4.49 a month for selections and if Betting Pro’s make no accumulative profit during a users month subscription, they receive a full refund of £4.49.

Results have improved with August gaining 47 points and September gaining 232 points.


Update July 2012

Exactly a year ago I did an update on this football service and re-categorised it as a Neutral rating because it had had some bad losing months and ended up making a loss on the season (compared to the 2183 points profit the season before that).

So how did it do over the 2011/12 season?

Well, much better, with 948 points profit on the year. There were still two or three losing months but overall it did well.

So in the three years this service has been running, it’s made a good profit on two of them, including last season so I’m happy to put this back in the Approved section.

Now, what’s really nice about this service is the price. At the moment you can get the whole years subscription for a single payment of £39.99.  You can’t say fairer than that!

You can try the service here: