This is a one-off review of Betting Small – Winning Big, a £9.95 subscription service with a £30 admin fee.

I am not sure whether the material I was given to look at is the material for the UK market but I have two issues with the system in the PDF I was given. One, it isn’t quick, although it is easy, to find one of the criteria dealing with when horses have run (this is not last time out by the way, that would have been quick). I have another issue with finding “homers” because of the way UK racing is setup. Perhaps Ozzie racing (and this is an Ozzie-based service) is done differently. I can’t explain in any sort of detail what these issues are but I do feel they are significant.

The PDF I was given was very Oz focused, including the names of the ten (yes ten) staking plans, although a wee bit of investigation will probably find the UK equivalent. Here is another issue I have, after finding the selections you have to choose the most appropriate staking plan on a race-by-race basis.

Some worked examples of how to do all this in the UK markets would have been very beneficial, but if these do exists I didn’t find them.

Finally the website I was given access to had Ozzie selections with UK selections on Saturdays only.

I can’t dis the service as I have not, and nor will I, trial it to see whether it does indeed work. I can’t approve it either for the same reason.

You can get Betting Small – Winning Big here: