I was asked to look at an advanced copy of Betting Speed Evolution from Michael Wilding of Race Advisor. This goes live noon Friday and so here are my initial thoughts.

It is easy enough to install the software, and once installed I got today’s selections without any tears or tantrums. Thankfully, there’s an export function so that I could export the selections to Excel for easy recording of results. I notice that there is the ability to export in to GHB, which will be very useful for those that use that.

The automated selections are in the region of £85 up after using the software for 9 days. This is very promising, and although a longer review is needed it is a very good start. I looked at going each-way when odds were above 6.0, but this only made £35 to £10 stakes.

Using a rolling 1% of a £1000 starting bank as a stake returned roughly the same profits as a flat £10.

With more data is may be worthwhile looking at staking plans, but the 100 or so races I have recorded is a wee bit light for this analysis just now.

Based on this start I am happy to give a tentative thumb up to this tool.

I also looked at the advanced function. After Michael kindly recorded a video, which should be available to subscribers, I was able to make sense of the data provided. Now I freely admit to knowing little about horse racing, and could not interpret a form guide to save my life. However, using the data provided with a little cross-referencing with At The Races website I posted some selections mid-morning for the last six days, missing Sunday. I was able to make £80 to £10 level stakes, £130 using my each-way rules (e/w above 6.0 and maximum lay stakes of 7.0). Again a rolling 1% of a £1000 starting bank was broadly the same. This tool could be invaluable in the hands of someone who knows what they are doing!

I am acutely aware of the dangers of promoting something after just 1 week. I haven’t seen the sales page but there should be a free trial and/or money-back guarantee, so it shouldn’t cost anything to give it a go (maybe Graham will provide some more detail on this after I post this blog). I will continue to blog this for a few more weeks, as the flat season is drawing to its close now.

For now, I am happy that I have something that works, and I hope that I will still be able to say that in a few weeks’ time!

You can try Betting Speed Evolution here: