Day 1 – 5th Sept

14:20 – Dutch Diamond-Back Placed
14:20 – Berwin-Back No Bet
14:30 – Alnawiyah-Back Lost
15:00 – Speedfit Boy-Back No Bet
15:50 – Ocean Myth-Back Lost
15:50 – Gladiatrix-Back NR
15:50 – Angelito-Lay Won
16:35 – Horizon Sky-Back Won
17:10 – Gentleman Jeff-Lay Placed
17:30 – Roman Senate-Back No Bet
17:40 – Captain May-Back NR
18:00 – Mayan Flight-Back Lost
18:30 – We Are City-Back Placed
18:30 – Blazing Knight-Back Placed

My attempt at an advanced option chose Estebsaal over Debating Society, if only I had gone the other way round! To be honest, not really sure what I am doing here, and I have suggested a video or two to make the process a little clearer. I believe that some will be forthcoming shortly after launch date.


Day 1: 9 Bets, 1 winner. -5.88 points; £-58.83 to £10 stakes, 1% plan is £-58.10.

Note: Using each-way when Win odds are 6 or above returned
Day 1: 9 Bets, 1 Win and 4 Placed. -0.83 points; £-8.25 to £10 stakes, 1% plan £-8.93.


Advanced Selection:

Hard to know what to do here. I want to continue but horses racing is a bit of a mystery to me, and although this tool is giving me an insight in to the races I may not be interpreting the data correctly. See my earlier comment, some videos have been promised, and that will help, but will not be available to me pre-launch. What I don’t want to do is skew the analysis of the tool because of my incompetence! I did mention the winner yesterday though, so that’s encouraging!

So, I will have another go today. Perhaps one per day is the wrong way to do this, I will try and find some time over the next few days to look at more races.

Today I have looked at Salisbury 15:15. Diaminda (9.0) and El Manati (3.75) are the selections. So, perhaps back El Manati to win, and Diaminda each way?