My first impressions as I have only been recording results for 14 days.

July has been an excellent moth with 20 plus points profit. The staking advice from Betting Tips UK is to stake £25 from a bank of £500 and £50 from a bank of £1,000. 20 points is therefore £500 and £1000 gross profit respectively.

From these profits the cost of your tokens need to be deducted. The base rate is £2 per token, but you can but tokens in bulk and using the cheapest option tokens are £1.50. Tokens are deducted for each win, but at their discretion Betting Tips UK sometimes does not deduct a token for a win. In July only 54 tokens were deducted for the 70 wins.

So, from a bank of £500, the gross profit is just over £500, and if you deduct 70 tokens at £2 each (£140) you’d still have been left with £360 profit, which is one heck of a return off £500 in one month! Of course the discount of 16 tokens actually means you’d have had a profit of £392.

It does make sense to use the cheaper option for tokens though, as 54 tokens at £1.50 adds an extra £27 profit, or £35 had all 70 tokens been deducted.

From a bank of £1,000 the profit looks even better at £919 using the £1.50 per token package (£892 using £2 per token).

However, one word of caution needs to be introduced here. July got off to an awful start and was 7.73 points down at one point. This is £193 down using £25 per bet and as this from a £500 bank, this means 38.5% of bank down.

I have had a quick look over the published data for June and May. It appears that June wasn’t so hot: 12 points of 94 wins, however even using £25 per bet and £2 per token this is £116 profit. May, on the other hand, appears to have been another stonker with 40 points off 48 wins for something like £900. These figures are unverified, and I might have calculated them incorrectly, but if accurate that is not a bad (read damned excellent!) return in 3 months.

There is a slight discrepancy between my recorded results and those from Betting Tips UK, this is because I have had to back-fit some of the data for July. However I get a slightly higher points total, so I am not concerned about this discrepancy. As the trial moves in to August our data should align more closely.

In summary then; I certainly want to trial this through August, but it appears that an Approved rating is on the way. If you do not want to wait, there is a 20 token free trial available at