The Betting Vault Membership is not a system per se, but a method of betting with selections provided by Ian Morris and his team. The selections themselves are supplied by e-mail, the vast majority of the time were received the previous evening, and during the test, on only a handful of occasions did the e-mail arrive on the day of racing, always in plenty of time before the first race.

I sent Ian a number of e-mails during the test, and found that the replies were courteous, helpful, and within a few hours a reply was received to any questions that I had.

The two ways of using the selections are either to level stakes, or to a loss recovery method, using a stop loss should you wish to do so. The e-book suggests a stop loss of 5, 10 or 15 points. For the purpose of the test, I set a stop loss of £35, attempting to win £3 per cycle. The bets themselves being placed in the win or place market, depending on the odds available at time of placing.

Using the loss recovery method is straightforward, I used a spreadsheet to calculate the stakes for me, and took the odds from Betfair at two minutes from the advertised start time. Of course you could receive different results depending on when you placed the bets, and of course you could use a betting bot to place the selections for you.

During the test, I had a gap of a month 28th March to 27th April, caused by a holiday, and a loss of internet connection, so the results do have a large gap, where I believe the selections made a profit. I have not included these results, as I was unable to follow live racing as per the rest of the test.

Overall the results of the test were as follows:

Using Staking Plan:

Starting Bank: £300.00
Loss: £40.97
Finishing Bank: £259.03

To Level Stakes:

Starting Bank: £300.00
Loss: £26.64
Finishing Bank: £273.36

So, both banks lost money during the test. However, on a number of occasions the stop loss was invoked, and the next selection went onto win it’s bet. I have not looked at what difference that this would have made, but I suspect that the staking plan bank would have at least broken even

Therefore I am going to give the test a neutral rating, although it lost money from the banks during the test, I can see the value of the selections, and with a little fortitude, would make a profit.

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