This is a horse racing service by a chap called Connor Gallagher. I’ve been monitoring the selections since it launched in November last year and have come to the conclusion this is a really good service.

Connor is a professional bettor who makes his living from betting, and has been widely published. He’s also an editorial contributor for Racing Ahead Magazine and Betting School Insiders Club.

To start, the cost of the service is only £19.95 per month.

But don’t let the ridiculously low price put you off… the service certainly isn’t low quality. Quite the opposite in fact.

Before we get onto the results, let’s look at what you get.

Around once a week Connor e-mails you with his picks. Sometimes you’ll get an e-mail two or three days in a row, sometimes you won’t hear from him for a week or so. He’s very selective so it’s a relaxed service, ideal for the casual punter as well as those interested in making a profit.

The e-mail is usually short and to the point, but contains a link to the full post in the members area of the site. It’s immediately clear that Connor certainly knows what he’s talking about. He goes into great detail why he’s chosen his particular selections and it makes for interesting reading. If you’re not interested, fine, just bet on the tips in the e-mail, but for the casual punter or enthusiast, it does really add depth to your betting and I’ve found myself watching the races that he’s tipped just to see how they perform. You can also download the trends tables for that day if you wish.

Bets are advised at between half a point up to three points to win. Simple as that.

Like any successful service, Big Race Focus concentrates on getting VALUE. This means he picks selections that are priced higher than they should be. But unlike other services that use a scatter-gun approach betting on ALL value selections, his is more of a sniper rifle effect, honing in on only quality prey.

Of course this means, as with any value betting, that you get long losing runs together with big wins, and the profit is made from the few winners that do come in at good odds. But the fact that the pace of betting is very slow means it’s easier not to get emotionally involved on a losing run, as it’s not all happening on the same day or week.

You do, however, get emotionally involved on the winners. Especially if you watch it in the bookies.

Another bit of good news… although their published results are to bookie prices I’ve noticed that BSP has returned even higher prices on every single winner since it started, so it’s perfect for those of us with restricted online bookie accounts as you can use Betfair and make even more profit.

Or for the casual punter, this is the sort of service that is perfect for walking in the bookies and getting those nice big payouts now and then. Nothing quite like them having to open the safe to pay you while the other blokes are collecting their £4.80 win in the 1.15 at Sedgefield.

So on to the results.

The official tally since November is 48 points which works out at £2400 profit using £50 per point stakes.

However, as I said, I’ve been also monitoring the BSP prices and had you bet at BSP you would have made £3229.41 profit after 5% commission (or even more if you pay less commission rate).

That’s just over 64 points profit.

There’s been 89 bets of which 10 were winners giving a strike rate of 11.23%, which is expected from a value betting service.

So there you have it.

Big Race Focus is a relaxed, long term service. If you want to make profits every month then this is definitely not for you. But if you want to enjoy your racing, and make it pay with some spectacular wins, then you simply must subscribe to this. For £19.95 a month it’s worth it for the depth of info alone, and to have fun watching the races. The fact that it makes a good profit on top is a bonus.

Definitely one I’m adding to my portfolio, and I’ll be doing regular updates on this service going forward.


You can subscribe to Big Race Focus here: