Sorry for quick 2nd update but wanted to share a bit more with you.

In order to execute the system you will need to download software so please check system requirements to ensure you have the correct hardware.

The software took a minute or so to download and reading the instructions about 30 secs. Dead easy to use and with the added bonus of the system rules in a word document so if you cant use the software you could still trade by carrying out your own analysis.

The system recommends starting with the EUR/USD and trade when the system indicates so long as only a certain amount of time left. Expiration off all trades is within the hour and multiple currency pairs can be used.

I have opened a binary options account as per the author’s recommendation but reasonably sure that if you are already set up with a broker you could continue to use them as well.

This is the type of system you can dip in and out of whenever you want so due to personal time restrictions I will look to stop as soon as a profitable trade has been made. If 1st is a loser I will continue until in profit on the day.

Anyway thats me for now