Apologies for the break in the blogging of this service. Back into the mix this week!

Again just to reiterate this is a really simple system to use with the software doing all the hard work for you. There is the back up of a manual with the system so you can see how the software generates each buy or sell (call or put) signal.

An alarm sounds each time there is a trade alert meaning you are not staring at screens all day.

for the purposes of the review I only trade eurusd, however, you can trade the below:


You can switch the software on at any time of the day and it will indicate either no trade, and it even displays a history of signals so you can back test what would have happened earlier in the day.

Although not part of the system I would imagine you could spread bet this for small targets if you are not used to binary or just prefer the spread betting option.

For example my first trade today would have been at 9.34 which was abuy signal. This trade on a spread betting platform made 14 pips at its top so you could realistically gun for 10 pips at a time with say a 5 pip stop loss so you have a nice risk:reward. Please note this is just personal preference and does not constitute a recommendation by the publisher.

My target is 1 winning trade a day. If the 1st loses we trade once more to try to get into profit. I would suggest the am session provides the best results from 7am.

Thats me for today