Well doesn’t time fly when your having fun! I have just been reminded that I have been doing this review for 5 months. So time to wrap things up, I think that has been enough time to give an honest appraisal of the strategy.

For those following my posts you will have quickly realised that to my shock, this has performed well. I say to my shock due to the low price tag. Now I have just tried to remind myself what the price is but can’t get the page to load so I may have to come back to this but from memory it was circa £50.

For this you get access to the software, a manual which tells you the methodology behind the system and a link to preferred binary brokers.

All in all I have actually used the advice to spread bet instead on trading the options as recommended. This is down to my individual expertise and lack of knowledge in the binary markets. That said, i did give a demo platform a go for a few weeks and it seemed to work well.

I have found that trading from 7am gives the best results and I stop at the 1st profitable trade, risking no more than two trades on any given day. I found I was up 70% of the time but due to trading my own system and having two children under the age of 4 I did rely on having to back test this on days. This can be done using the screen at the bottom of the software, e.g. checking what signals have gone before (I also checked the validity of these when paper trading).

The system relies on the 5 min charts and will give signals on several currency pairs so if eurusd isn’t your thing you can choose what is.

Overall for the price and true hands off style (it is all done for you) I can give this a good thumbs up and categorize this Approved.

Over and out for now.

N.B. It looks like this is no longer available.

You can get Binary Options Magnet here: