No joy on the last day (  

Day 32

Opening Bank £3

Lost £3

Running Loss/Profit  -£145

Balance £0.00

32 days and nothing to show for my trouble. Some of the bingo sites I joined proved difficult to load up, and one did not honour the bonus committment at all. They said they had no record of my account, yet I have been bombarded with advertising emails from them since.

The great disadvantage of this system is that I had to use real money as it can’t be paper traded. I had to go into the halls during unsociable hours when they were quieter, and I couldn’t use the system at week ends or evenings which would have been more convenient. In fact most of my playing was carried out at 4am!!

Unlike sports, there is nothing to watch except the bingo cards, so it became quite tedious in the end.

It is with great sadness and sorrow within my heart and soul, that I lay the BingoBonusBlaster to rest in the graveyard of failed systems. Dust to dust, ashes to ashes…..

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