Time for an update on my progress with this amazing investment.

BitClub Network is a BitCoin mining operation based in Reykjavik, Iceland. This is a completely passive investment whereby you purchase a share or shares in their mining pool and you get paid a share of all the BitCoin they mine, paid every day into your account.

They expanded into their own crypto currency, ClubCoin, and now also mine Ethereum, ZCash, Dash, ETH Classic and Monero as well.

I originally invested in a Founder pack for $3,599 back in September 2015 and twenty one months on I have made the following, completely passive, profits:

BitCoin: 7.40189 ($21,332)
ClubCoin: 13,831 ($4,287)
Ethereum: 40.35 ($10,401)
ZCash: 2.26161 ($352)

Total: $36,372

That’s over 1,000% return in less than two years.

Anyone that invested when I did, purchasing the Founder pack and doing nothing else but collecting the daily payments, could have made the same profits too.

A portion of my BitCoin payments are automatically reinvested into the pool so that my total shares in the pool are always growing. I now own 1.798 shares in Pool 1, 1.6174 shares in Pool 2 and 1.4905 shares in Pool 3. This means that my payments increase through compounding and should continue indefinitely.

BitClub Network is definitely the most profitable passive investment I’ve been involved with and it looks to becoming even more profitable as it grows.

BitCoin is easy to spend too as you can load it onto a Visa Debit card and spend it anywhere that takes Visa.

If you’ve not looked into BitCoin yet then you haven’t missed the boat. According to Business Insider, each BitCoin could realistically be worth $500,000 by 2030 and some are saying it could be as much as $1M per coin within ten years.

Imagine that?

We’ve seen a massive increase in the value of BitCoin and Ethereum over the last few months and BitClub Network are offering shares in GPU’s that allow you to mine a variety of currencies including Ethereum. I have three shares all mining Ethereum as it is really taking off and I can see it even becoming more valuable than BitCoin over the coming years. So do a lot of major companies.

Not only that but Vladimir Putin recently met with Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum, which suggests this is a lot more than just a niche fad.

Also, I received this completely unsolicited testimonial last week:

“Really happy with things btw. I switched all my pools to pay out apart from the $500 one and worked it out to being paid about $800 a month at current price… so I am very happy with that and will continue to draw fully for the next year or more. I have also earned another share so I may just set everything to pay out for the next 5 years instead, affording repurchases should be a doddle lol

Also Ethereum is up and we are in profit with that… Cheers Graham, Bitclub really is turning out to be fantastic! 🙂


P.S. You know the really great thing about all this is that even if Clubcoin and Coinpay turn out to be damp squibs we are still quids in by a long shot….now, if they happen to be a success at some point…. well I think I shall be meeting you in the Bahamas at some time in the future lol”

If you’re not already part of this then it’s not too late to get involved. Crypto currencies are still in their infancy and getting involved before the rest of the world catches on is a massive advantage. Imagine if BitCoin did go to $1m a coin in ten years and you have been mining it and collecting it for a decade, as well as Ethereum and a few others.

I knew nothing about any of this when I started. I took a punt on the recommendation of a friend and have been absolutely amazed at the results. In fact a number of my own friends have followed my lead and jumped on board too. I’m glad about that because I’m confident it’s going to make them rich.

You can join BitClub Network here: