I’ve been asked in the past to provide some proof of my mining earnings from BitClub Network so I’ve recorded a video showing inside my account.

Two years ago I was told I had missed the boat with BitCoin (it was $215 at the time). At the beginning of this year, some friends of mine decided they had definitely missed the boat as BitCoin was $1000.

Today, I’m still hearing the same mantra from people telling me they’ve missed the boat now it’s at $8000.

You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.

You can see my video here:

You can join BitClub Network HERE


The last year has seen crypto mining become unprofitable due to the fall in price across the board of all cryptos and returns from BitClub Network have been very small compared to how I did between 2015-2017, so at the moment I would not recommend joining unless we see a turn around in mining returns. I’ll move this into the Neutral section for now and update should things improve.