How many BitCoin do you have right now? What about other AltCoins?

Do you even know what I am talking about? Well if you don’t know then I can assure you that trading and cryptocurrency expert, Siam Kidd, a.k.a The Realistic Trader, certainly does. I have been a member of The Realistic Traders cryptocurrency course and trading portal for over 3 months now. The crypto course is very detailed and the Facebook group continues to be a very lively and dynamic group.

The video below is suggesting that if BTC is still around and the hash rate continues its exponential trajectory, then the price will also continue its exponential trajectory as it has over the last 9 years.

There are so many variables to get in the way of this though like governments, power demands, better tech (which already exists) and much more. I personally still struggle with the concept of that high price. Personally, I prefer to stick to the equation: Price = Market Cap/Supply. So that when cryptos get to $50T market cap, BTC is likely 10% market share ($5T) and that would equal a price of $263k.

When could Cryptos get to $50T? No one knows. I don’t see a $9 Million price per Bitcoin but I will happily settle for $263,000 per BitCoin and currently it is only $6000.

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