At the beginning of March I told you about the new cryptocurrency exchange, Bitsdaq, and their airdrop where they gave away thousands of their BXBC tokens to help promote the brand.

I know many readers took up the free offer, as did I, and the plan was to wait and see what happens with a view to selling for a profit in a few years.

Well since then they have raised $5 million in a private sale of their platform token BQQQ and the public IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) is due to start this month.

They announced last week that there will be a short period of about a week when we will be able to swap our BXBC tokens for the platform BQQQ tokens and originally planned that for this week. However that has now been postponed until sometime in June (I suspect so as not to interfere with the IEO).

What you need to do.

It seems to me that it would make sense to swap your BXBC tokens for the BQQQ tokens as they will have immediate value (as they have been sold in the private sale and are being sold in the IEO), although I don’t know yet the details of the swap.

If you haven’t completed your KYC’s yet then I’d advise doing this before the end of the month as you can’t withdraw anything until you have, and it may be a requirement for the swap too.

Also, be prepared for the swap some time in June as it appears there will only be a short period of about a week to do this and not much notice!

You can keep an eye on the official updates on their announcements page but I will let you know as soon as I hear anything too.