At the beginning of March I told you about the new cryptocurrency exchange, Bitsdaq, and their airdrop where they gave away thousands of their BXBC tokens to help promote the brand.

I know many readers took up the free offer, as did I, and the plan was to wait and see what happens with a view to selling for a profit in a few years.

Well since then they have raised $5 million in a private sale of their platform token BQQQ and the public IEO (Initial Exchange Offering).

They then announced that there will be a short period of about a week when we will be able to swap our BXBC tokens for the platform BQQQ tokens and planned that for sometime in June.

Now is that time. In fact from 7am tomorrow morning (Friday) UK time.

Here is the update:

BXBC- BQQQ swap will start on 21 June, 2019 14:00 (UTC+8)

This BXBC-BQQQ token swap will continue indefinitely, at a ratio of 300:1. To encourage users to participate in the token swap, BQQQ airdrop will be done according to the rules below:

1.The first 10,000 users to swap their token will receive airdrops of double the amount.
For example, the user used BXBC to exchange for 1000 BQQQ, Bitsdaq will airdrop another 2000 BQQQ to the user, resulting in a total of 3000 BQQQ.

2.The subsequent 10,000 (10001-20000) users to swap their token will receive airdrops of equivalent amount.

3.The subsequent 20,000 (20001-40000) users to swap their token will receive airdrops of half the amount.

4.All users that swaps their token afterwards unfortunately will not receive any airdrops.

The BQQQ airdrop will be distributed one week after the token swap is done.

Bitsdaq reserves the right to interpret activity rules and to disqualify and penalise cheaters.

If you have any questions about BXBC-BQQQ token swap, please feel free to contact us and ask for help: [email protected]