Nearly nine years ago (cripes) I reviewed and approved Black Dog Forex. A lot of time passed so I suggested to Graham that we revisit.

Black Dog has been around for many years; given the fly-by-night approach of too many Forex services, this alone speaks volumes about the integrity and trust of this service.

The site looks totally different to what I reviewed, and that is good as the information is a lot more structured, easier to understand and is much more beginner friendly than it was.

I have been asked to go through all the material and not just jump in, even though I am quite an experienced trader. Whilst I’d have probably done this anyway, it will take some time to read everything and I am unsure at this point whether I’ll report as a one-off update or as a full 13-week trial. I’ll let you know what I decide in a few week’s time.

However, I like the look of what I see, and if you are looking to get into Forex trading, I can already tell that Black Dog Forex is a great place to start. You don’t need to sit watching charts all day, and Black Dog is also suitable for folks with jobs, families and other commitments.

You can get Black Dog Forex here