This is a lay service that I have been testing since 1st December 2014. I had been waiting for the vendor, Martin, to set up a website through which he can take subscribers as his small client list so far is managed entirely by e-mail. Since Martin is a professional bettor rather than a webmaster or marketer, he has asked if I could host a page for him so he can just get on with the job of running his service.

Martin sends an e-mail usually around 11.30am with the day’s information. There are generally one or two lays a day although Boxing Day unusually gave us seven lays… all losing. What is surprising about this service is that the Lay bets are always the first or second favourite and therefore a nice low liability.

Considering this, the strike rate so far of 84%, with only 14 losing bets out of 86 is remarkable.

Martin records the results to £100 Lay stakes which is normally a bit steep for Lay betting but seeing as these are all low priced favourites it’s actually pretty feasible. He has a handful of clients already and only wishes to take on 25 more to protect the prices for his clients.

The results using £100 lay stakes since 1st December up to the end of May are as follows:

Win Market: £3,252
Place Market: £1,920

However, it must be noted that the profit was actually at £4,528 and £2,424 by the end of January, so February, March and April have seen an overall loss which would have be suffered by anyone joining in February. This is partly due to a large decrease in the number of qualifying selections… there were only 4 qualifying in April and only 3 so far in May!

The problem has been that although a selection ticks all the right boxes for a very likely losing horse, the price is often too big to get involved with.

In May, Martin decided to address this problem by publishing selections that pass on all criteria except for price, and the results are quite startling.

Since then, there have been 46 higher priced qualifiers of which only 2 were losing lays… a strike rate of 97%!

The profit to £100 level stakes was £2,700 at Betfair SP (after commission)

The profit to £100 level liabilities was £302.65 (after commission).

Not bad for three weeks!

Now, the losing lays won at an SP of 4.6 & 7.6 so not too bad, but for me the other lays are simply too high a price, sometimes double figures, to consider laying at £100 level stakes, which makes laying at liability the sensible option.

This certainly seems to be the way to go with this service and indeed I’m now laying all selections, including the main service bets, to level liabilities.

Despite the poor run over the last few months, the service has made a good profit and the introduction of the higher priced selections should see the profits start to grow again.

For now I’m happy to approve this service, and will continue to bet these selections myself, so I will be doing regular profit updates.Approved2

Full detailed results can be found here:


UPDATE November 2015

I approved this service six months ago so it’s now time for an update.

To remind you, this is a laying service that targets short priced favourites. There are very few selections, sometimes as little as eight or ten bets a month, but they are deliberately picked to be very fancied horses that go on to lose, so the idea is that you can stake a bit higher than you normally would for lay betting. Occasionally there are some higher priced selections thrown in which you could, of course, bet less on.

Results to £10 lay stakes at BSP after 5% commission deducted:

Selections: 182
Successful Lays: 155
Strike Rate 85%
Profit: £643.42

This would be £1,608.55 to £25 stakes.

This service initially launched at £97 per month back in December but due to the reduction in the number of bets, Martin has drastically reduced the subscription to just £27 per month, so you can make a profit even laying at £10 stakes.

Full detailed results can be found here: