This is a lay service that I have actually been testing since 1st December last year. I have been waiting for the vendor, Martin, to set up a website through which he can take subscribers as his small client list so far is managed entirely by e-mail. Since Martin is a professional bettor rather than a webmaster or marketer, he has asked if I could host a page for him so he can just get on with the job of running his service.

Martin sends an e-mail usually around 11.30am with the days information. There are generally one or two lays a day although Boxing Day unusually gave us seven lays… all losing. What is surprising about this service is that the Lay bets are always the first or second favourite and therefore a nice low liability.

Considering this, the strike rate so far of 91%, with only 6 losing bets out of 62 is remarkable.

Martin records the results to £100 Lay stakes which is normally a bit steep for Lay betting but seeing as these are all low priced favourites it’s actually pretty feasible. He has a handful of clients already and only wishes to take on 25 more to protect the prices for his clients.

The results since 1st December up to and including 24th January are as follows:

Win Market: £4,528.00
Place Market: £2,424.00

I will continue to test this service until the end of February before giving a verdict but so far it looks very impressive.

Full detailed results can be found here: