Ten days ago I let you know about a time sensitive opportunity to get in early on the MotoSport GP opportunity on the Blockchain Sports platform.

Up to now this has only been available to the Japanese team and the teams of those that attended the event in Tokyo, which fortunately includes us!

To remind you, this is an opportunity to 5x your money within 3-6 months as well as earn ongoing residual income.

This week this opportunity will be released to the entire community and there are only a limited amount of packs available so if this is something of interest to you, it might be wise to get in before it’s opened up to the masses.

My upline, Michael, has recorded a video detailing exactly what this opportunity is and how it works, and he’s uploaded it to a password protected site here:

Recording of June 12 Zoom
Blockchain Motorsport XR Opportunity Explained
Video Password: motogp

If you are a previous member of Daisy/Endotech then you will already have an account at Limitless, you simply login using your TronLink wallet here:
Once logged in, go to Purchase and you’ll see the packs available there.
If you’re already participating in Limitless, then simply login to see the three packs available on the purchase page.
And if you’re not a member at all, but would like to get involved, go to the page below which explains Blockchain Sports and shows you how to participate:

Blockchain Sports